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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

my buried treasure

Tomorrow, on July 23rd, Seth Apter will release his annual list of buried treasures for us to enjoy!
Click here to start your ride :
For the occasion I dug up a long forgotten artist book. I made it during the first workshop I took 4 years ago in New Jersey with Seth. It was called "mixed media dossier". I was a bit nervous. It was my very first art class!
When I got back home, I forgot to post about it. Seth had just proposed to me (proposed to contribute to his new book "The mixed-media artist") and I was over the moon! I could not think about anything else except that book to be.

But, shhhh... Here it is... My mixed media dossier :

For something completely different, click here for my buried treasures back in 2011!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an amazing book you created. I like that you even incorporated used file folders, a favorite of mine. Your book turned out super. Thanks for sharing this.

Catherine R said...

A proposal at your first workshop - that's some going!!!

Joi at RR said...

Your artist book is wonderful but I am totally enamored by your urban cards... wow - seriously INCREDIBLE (to me!). Thanks so much for sharing. j.

CERULEAN said...

Your book looks wonderful. And wandering through your blog there's more nice art to see! - eric

Jean said...

What a wonderful book and keepsake!