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Thursday, July 19, 2012

second workshop : Mixed Media Dossier

Everyone knows Seth Apter. Certainly because of his gorgeous assemblages but also because he inherited something rare in the world of mixed media artists : a Y chromosome.
Ahhhhhh... finally some testosterone in a class full of estrogenally hysterical women (don't worry, I'm one of them :)
Last year, I was so glad when he mentioned my buried treasures on his blog.

I've finally met him in person.
And he's handsome, girls!
Didn't touch him yet. Maybe we'll shake hands before leaving New Jersey... Maybe kiss?

I now have a signed copy of his new book, The Pulse of Mixed Media. A precious compilation of emotions.

His class was a blast! Working with paint and paper. Making a journal. A dossier.
Wikipedia says that a dossier should be a "collection of papers or other sources containing detailed informations about a particular subject".
I made a dossier but don't know what my subject is, really.
Could name it "maps and trash".
I love it.
Here are some pages in progress :
And here is the final journal  :

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

first workshop : Mix Your Media with Photoshop

Two years ago, I bought Photoshop Elements 8 and never found time to learn how to alter a photograph.
So, I took a class with Natalya Aikens today. We played on the computer all morning. We then printed our work on fabric after ironing it on freezer paper. What a great technique. Will surely use it for future art journal pages!

I want to hand stitch a little bit on the pieces I made today. Like she does. She makes beautiful stitches. But that's another skill I'll have to acquire. The only thing I sew from time to time are knees, or eyebrows, or lips :)

Central Park

 more kisses
 low waists

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

body paint!

For the first time, I've let Margot play with paint.
She's two.
We started properly dressed for the occasion and ended up covered with paint!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I will be in New Jersey in less than 10 days!
I've register for 4 classes during this major mixed media retreat :
'Mix your media with photoshop ' on wednesday 18 with Natalya Aikens as instructor
'Mixed media dossier' on thursday 19 with Seth Apter
'My apology' on friday 20 with Orly Avineri
'Just a formality' on saturday 21 with Orly Avineri again

But that's not all...
I'll stay in NYC 3 days before the event!
To SHOP! For paper goods, artist zines and original gifts. I've been saving just for the occasion :)
And, I've made this huge list with places I really want to go to :
What do you think?
I've surfed hours on the Internet and selected the stores I found intriguing.
Those of you who have been to/live in Manhattan are welcome to leave me comments about them. Pleeeeeaaaase... I would really appreciate that. Since I come from a country far far away and that I may never come back...
Oh... and... you are also welcome to give me the adresses of good places to eat!
And if you really don't have time to write a whole sentence, maybe you can just answer this question :
What are the cheapest? Michaels or Dick Blick stores? I need some art supplies for the retreat.