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Saturday, October 6, 2012

passeport journal

For one of the class I took with Orly Avineri in New Jersey back in july, we had to bring an old passeport to work with. The class was called "just a formality". I had to leave the workshop early to catch my flight back to Belgium but I wanted to paint a lot more in it.
Last week, I finally found the time to finish it (painting, gluing, attaching).
It contains scraps of paper that I kept in a box (the cover of my first music tape, a love note I wrote to my mother when I was 6, some stickers I brought back from Mauritius 15 years ago, etc.)
I had that wonderful mini book cover made with chinese fabric waiting to find something precious to protect. It fitted perfectly!
And, guess what? I have another one ready to alter!
I was only 20 years old on that picture... That is 13 years ago.
Don't you have an old passeport lying around?


Anns Art said...

You have done a wonderful job on this old passport, it looks great in the cover. I love re-using things to make something else out of them. (Hope your job is going okay).

lilotte said...

Impossible en France de garder son vieux passeport quand on le renouvelle. A moins de le déclarer perdu ou volé ...