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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

le pouvoir de la joie

What a week!
- I have a Crohn's disease, a multiple myeloma, a peritoneal carcinomatosis, a couple of decompensated cirrhosis, some acute pancreatitis, two salmonella poisoning, one campylobacter enteritis, two gastrointestinal bleedings on peptic ulcer and one on diverticulosis on my ward.
- I've spend the week-end in a farm in Fisenne :
- I've worked in my sketchbook :
- I've taken tons of pictures of my family :
- I've colored my first mandala ever with my daughter's felt-tip pens : 
- I've send gifts :
- I've worked on a new urban scene : 
- I've answered Seth's questions for his new survey


Seth said...

What a contrast between your work week and your art/family week! Thanks for voting and spreading the word.

Marit said...

It's indeed a contrast, your work and your art. You know I am totally in love with your urban scenes, love to see you work on another one!