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Thursday, July 19, 2012

second workshop : Mixed Media Dossier

Everyone knows Seth Apter. Certainly because of his gorgeous assemblages but also because he inherited something rare in the world of mixed media artists : a Y chromosome.
Ahhhhhh... finally some testosterone in a class full of estrogenally hysterical women (don't worry, I'm one of them :)
Last year, I was so glad when he mentioned my buried treasures on his blog.

I've finally met him in person.
And he's handsome, girls!
Didn't touch him yet. Maybe we'll shake hands before leaving New Jersey... Maybe kiss?

I now have a signed copy of his new book, The Pulse of Mixed Media. A precious compilation of emotions.

His class was a blast! Working with paint and paper. Making a journal. A dossier.
Wikipedia says that a dossier should be a "collection of papers or other sources containing detailed informations about a particular subject".
I made a dossier but don't know what my subject is, really.
Could name it "maps and trash".
I love it.
Here are some pages in progress :
And here is the final journal  :


Lynn said...

How exciting that you got to meet and learn from Seth Apter! I am waiting with bated breath to know if you got those kisses in as well?
Your finished journal is terrific.
What a fun time had by all.

iHanna said...

It looks beautiful. I think your dossier has an abvious theme: YOU!? :-)

Seth said...

It was wonderful to meet you and see your work in person. Thanks so much for joining me in the workshop and connecting at CREATE!

gypsy said...

The rugged and imperfect feel to your dossier is quite cool. What a total blast to meet Seth and take a workshop!!!

Dallying Debz said...

Eeek you just MADE me buy Seth's books (and all because you said he was handsome - ok not really, but it helped!) And then, the worse thing, 3 other books fell into my shopping basket!

Got to love the fact that Amazon is worldwide.

Thanks for the inspiration and the retail therapy!

oneartistjournal.com said...

Nathalie, please Email me at: orlyavineri@gmail.com
with your email address.
It's important.

Frau S said...

I love the pages you chose for this book. So cool!!