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Sunday, July 8, 2012


I will be in New Jersey in less than 10 days!
I've register for 4 classes during this major mixed media retreat :
'Mix your media with photoshop ' on wednesday 18 with Natalya Aikens as instructor
'Mixed media dossier' on thursday 19 with Seth Apter
'My apology' on friday 20 with Orly Avineri
'Just a formality' on saturday 21 with Orly Avineri again

But that's not all...
I'll stay in NYC 3 days before the event!
To SHOP! For paper goods, artist zines and original gifts. I've been saving just for the occasion :)
And, I've made this huge list with places I really want to go to :
What do you think?
I've surfed hours on the Internet and selected the stores I found intriguing.
Those of you who have been to/live in Manhattan are welcome to leave me comments about them. Pleeeeeaaaase... I would really appreciate that. Since I come from a country far far away and that I may never come back...
Oh... and... you are also welcome to give me the adresses of good places to eat!
And if you really don't have time to write a whole sentence, maybe you can just answer this question :
What are the cheapest? Michaels or Dick Blick stores? I need some art supplies for the retreat.


Anns Art said...

Wow! Natalie you are SO LUCKY to be going... hope you have a great time.

Heidi Bound said...

I live in Manhattan-you have QUITE an amazing list of places to shop. My advice is to make sure you have a plan for your transportation. Some of the stores look close together but there actually aren't. Have a daily plan of attack so you aren't disappointed! :)

cathy said...

Nathalie - so excited you are coming to Create in NJ as well - thank you so much for the list - I have one as well which I will share with you via email if you want to send me your email address. Also can I ask how are you getting from NY to Somerset NJ. I am still trying to find a bus from Somerset to NY City. How exciting for you - isn't it great that we will actually meet - yahooo

Daisy Yellow said...
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Daisy Yellow said...

How fantastic-fabulous-amazing! You'll have such an experience! I'm so happy for you. As for Dick Blick vs Michaels, in Texas Michaels is less expensive BUT {big BUT} they don't have everything that Dick Blick has. So I end up buying from both. Michael's locally and then Dick Blick mail order.