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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I found a huge stock of masking tapes (and fabric tapes) in a store in Paris.
And I bought lot of them!

They come handy for about anything.
I've decorated boxes in my medicine cabinet a couple of years ago by fixing cardboard with masking tape :
Those are my three 'must have' boxes!
First one is the "I have a cold" box. You can find everything against stuffy nose, ear congestion, sinus pain, cough...
Second one is the "I shouldn't have eaten that" box. It contains antacids for heartburns, upset stomach, bloating, nausea and... yes... diarrhea.
Third box is the "ouch" box for band-aids, bandages, rubbing alcohol, aloe vera stuff for sunburns, bugbites...

I also use masking tape in my journals.
To fix things :

To add extra pages :
Or just for fun :


i.ikeda said...

How fun that you found this store! I also love tape but I usually buy them online. I haven't come across a store with a selection that I really like.

What a great idea you had to decorate your medicine boxes. Probably makes it easier to recognize them too even without reading the labels.

ps.: I adore that last painting you put at the bottom.

La Belle said...

J'suis jalouse de tes tapes!!!!
J'en veux :-)

Marit said...

I'm totally in love with these kind of tapes since I bought a couple a few months back... too bad I don't live near Paris. These are gorgeous!