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Thursday, December 1, 2011

RED again!

Tammy invited us to build a rainbow this beginning of december!
I'm the queen of RED!
With my fellowship program at the hospital, I don't have much time to paint. Still, I've managed to make a very simple painting :
Don't know why I like to work with that color so much...
Red is the symbol of passion, anger, courage and sacrifice.
It's also the color of blood. I love to insert central lines, dialysis lines and arterial lines!
Though 'brown' is what I see most at the hospital those last couple of weeks...
If you know what I mean :) :) :)

If you want more red, I've showed my addiction for it before : here, here and here.
Next week-end, I'll try to make time for the rest of the rainbow.


Marit said...

Love, love, love your piece! Bring in the red!!!

Daisy Yellow said...

Thank you Nathalie for your contributions to the huge rainbow we are building - in just 5 days! Loving your red artwork and your introduction.

BenGal Creations said...

This remind me of a story I used to read my children. It is called "Red is Best". It is a lovely story about a little girl who just loves the color red. At the end of the book, her mother asks her why. She answers: "Because it makes my heart sing!" I never got tired of the book, nor of the colour.

Thank you for sharing, even when you do not have a lot of time. It is always a pleasure for me to come by when I have a few minutes.

girlunwinding said...

Red is such a great color, no need for introduction, it just IS!

iHanna said...

I'm a big fan of red too, but haven't made any pure red paintings but now I want to after seeing yours. This and the previous red posts are just inspiring!


Rosie said...

Hi there Nathalie
just saw you on Julies blog tonight.
I can understand you loving red - such energy and power, and youre a doctor... red, the colour of blood, it runs through us all but i'm sure you'd be pretty in touch with that right now!

go well, you will get through this intense time, sounds like youre a pretty strong person yourself..

bit by bit! Have a good weekend there