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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ladybird on my car

Is someone trying to tell me something?
Am I going to be lucky?
But I already am.
What a week!

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Margene said...

You are an amazing spirit...I follow Julie Balzer's blog and so enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your art. I learned a fun fact, too. Ladybugs are considered good luck. Maybe that is why when we see a ladybug anywhere we get excited and stop and watch the beautifully colored creature. I will forever look at the orange-red colored bug in a different way from now on. I found your art interesting as well as your life's story. When I run across someone so driven in life as you are, I wonder what is so different about that person from myself? Why so driven while I have no drive at all? I wish you all the ladybug luck possible in your quest to become a doctor, raise that beautiful wide eyed baby, and whatever else you choose to accomplish in your life. Thank you for taking the time in your busy life to share a part of you. I will continue to read your blog for a bit of inspiration from time to time.