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Saturday, October 29, 2011

intimate post. about work.

at six. maybe seven.

After high school graduation, I had to figure out what I wanted out of life. I was 18 years old. I thought about medical school. Nope. Too long. I thought about becoming an engineer. I liked mathematics. But... no. Too technical. Wanted to study people more than machines, structures or materials.

I made this compromise : a little bit of medicine and a little bit of biomechanics. Yes, I was going to become a physical therapist. A "PT".
I went to university in Brussels to study physical therapy. Four years.

I hated it.
I hated to study physical agents, vestibular balance rehabilitation, prosthetics and orthotics, goniometry, muscle testing, motion analysis, biofeedback, proprioceptive facilitation... Arggghh!
But, I liked every class related to medicine. Anatomy. Histology. Cardiology...
I realized that I had made a huge mistake when I was in my third year. I should have gone to medical school.

After graduation, I was 22 years old.
I wanted to become a physician.

Friends and family told me to get a job. I would earn money and I would forget about going to med school.
And, that's what I did. I worked as a PT in a hospital. A whole year. Cardio-vascular rehabilitation. Musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Pulmonary rehabilitation.
Hated. Hated. Hated it.
Wanted to make diagnoses.

Finally, I decided to go to med school. Seven years. Three bachelors and 4 masters.
I was 29 when I graduated.
In the mean time I got married.

After those 7 years, you have to choose a medical speciality.
Surgery? Internal medicine? Pediatrics? Gynecology? six more years.
Ophthalmology? Dermatology? five more years.

I choose to become a gastroenterologist. It's a subspecialty of internal medicine.
I've finished the three first years of residency last september.
I'm now beginning the fellowship program. Three more years to go.
Then, I'll be an attending physician.
Hope you'll all be there to celebrate with me.

now. 32 years old.

 first polyp I took out of a large bowel.
last week.
didn't expect endoscopy to be so difficult.


Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Great insight to you, thanks for sharing...always go where you "gut" directs you!!! I have pics of my colonoscopy and made my gastro doc autograph it!!!! It was hilarious!
Can't wait to see your celebration!
cheers, dana

Marit said...

Wow Natalie, that's great that you decided to go for the dream. That's a difficult path, and most people would go 'for safe' - but you did it up til now and those 3 more years will fly by - you wait and see! I admire you for your strength and perseverance! And applause for removing that polyp! That sure sounds difficult to do!

La Belle said...

Choisi un travail que tu adores et tu n'auras pas l'impression de travailler ;-)

Ann's Art said...

So interesting to read about your decisions in life...and such good ones too. It must be wonderful to be in a career where you help people in such a vital way...from your blog Follower : http://studiohyde.blogspot.com/