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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Out of the Journal : week one

Dina Wakley started a new challenge last week. It's called 'Out of the Journal' challenge.
I've read that she's coming to Holland in march 2012... Hope I can meet her there!
So I made these two paintings for the first week : Orange, that I've posted here, and this new one that I made last week-end. I've named it "aucun". It means "nobody".


Ann's Art said...

Love the colours with this piece.

Dina said...

Great gestural marks! Cool, thanks for joining in!

Deezy said...

Hi Nathalie, ik kom op je blog via Flickr! Leuk dat je een "nederlandse" bent.... soms is het ff lekker om in het "dutch" te reageren :-)
Mooie stukjes werk heb je er tussen zitten joh en ik ga ook ff kijken bij die dame die naar nederland komt.... spannend!