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Saturday, July 16, 2011

experimental e-course : page 4

For lesson 3, we had to go wild with paper!
I've created this with white tissue paper, gel medium, grey acrylic paint and a black ink pad :
This is the process (I use a journal with quite heavy paper) :
1. I've applied a generous coat of grey acrylic paint on the page;
2. I've traced lines in the paint while still wet with the other end of a paint brush to give texture;
3. I've waited until fully dry;
4. I've glued pieces of white tissue paper randomly (some are overlapping others) with gel medium;
5. I've let it dry;
6. finally, I've rubbed the page with my waterproof black ink pad (ONE OF MY FAVORITE ART TOOL!!! Quick go get one : 'StazOn Jet Black')

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i.ikeda said...

Oooh I love it! I even see a woman's face in there somewhere (bottom right) and she's very cool. I love the effects you've achieved here.