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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

experimental e-course : page 2

For lesson 2 on 'staining', we went WILD!
I brought my journal outside to experiment.
First,  I poured tea and dropped coffee onto my pages.
I let it dry and then I applied some blue iridescent ink with... a blade of grass.
Back inside, I added black ink on the sides with a paint brush and I drew a building (can't help myself) and an electric pole with my black COPIC multiliner.
Finally, I added some words with a white poster paint pen and some depth with a piece of charcoal.


Cynthia Schelzig said...

Fabulous!!! Gets me excited to throw the paint around as well!!

Marit said...

It's just the right season to splash paint on pages! Wonderful!

Ann's Art said...

The result of all that staining is excellent, you brought it all together so well.

janegardiner said...

lovely - and an insiration to get experimental

i.ikeda said...

Amazing! Wow, this looks stunning. I already love your building sketches, but with the added depth of the black, the coffee and tea stains, there's just so much mood and feeling in this work.

pedalpower said...

What a neat piece. I think the staining really adds to the mood!