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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Milano spread 1

I'm back! With lot's of ideas. I'll try to work further in my travel journal and post one spread everyday.


Sinderella Studio Designs said...

how is it that you did not go to art school... even your sketching is great!!! or did you take art class inbetween all the medical courses? I bet your travel journal will be fabulous...Margot will love looking through your journals when she is older!!!
cheers, dana

i.ikeda said...

Ooooh, your sketch makes me think of the countless hours I've spent on an airplane seat... For 6, 10, 13 hours at a time! T_T

Can't wait to see how you use the inspiration you found. But I'm sure you'll be busy enjoying your Margotherapy for now. :)

Lay Hoon said...

Cool !! Love your journal.
I'm working on travel journal too.
My trip to Korea soon.