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Friday, May 27, 2011

liste du vendredi : list of contusions

At 4 am, I had to go get a lady at the ER of an other hospital and bring her back to Charleroi's ICU, since our hospital is an academic neurosurgery center.
We drove two hours, one way and back. She was stable.
She fell down the stairs.
She had :
1. a left sub dural haematoma,
2. a left cortical petechial hemorrhage,
3. a right conjonctival haemorrhage,
4. a right clavicle fracture,
5. multiple rib fractures,
6. and some pulmonary contusions.


Martulina Divina said...

Ooops, it doesn't sound good at all...I hope she is getting better.

Ann's Art said...

What a very unfortunate lady, hope she will be better soon...a tipple usually prevents too much injury in a topple....if you see what I mean.
many regards, ann.