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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Etsy Lab in Brussels

I went to an art journaling workshop in Brussels held by Anna Denise yesterday evening.
It took place at Turtlewings, an amazing creative space owned by the lovely Julie Anne Verbeelen.
When Margot will be old enough, she will definitely go to one of their summer camps!
And then, you have Marta. Marta is Etsy's dutch "Tinker Bell"! She's the one who brings artists together!
It was my first art journaling workshop ever and I had fun!
I've peeked into gorgeous journals :


lifewithlizzi said...

great evening! hope to meet up again at a Turtlewings evening again soon -> the common evenings are really fun.


Maria van Bruggen said...

It was truly wonderful! :) enjoyed meeting so much creative souls.

nia said...

yes, it was fun wasn't it! i wonder if there will be more etsy-turtlewings labs??? if so, perhaps i'll see you at the next one! nia

goudenregen said...

That looks like a great workshop you've participated in. Wished Brussels was nearer, would love to see all those awesome pages.