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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cockerill-Sambre index card 1

Tammy came up with such an original idea : an index-card-a-day challenge!
Isn't that telepathy?
I was going to throw away the six index cards I've made for my board presentation the other day...
Now, I am recycling them!
This is the first one after having prepared the background :
The text is still showing through...
Then, I've sketched/painted a part of our famous steel manufactury in Charleroi.
I love to sketch buildings (has to be because of my left brain... all those squares and lines and other geometrical shapes are gorgeous).


Marit said...

You sound a bit like my son - a 'left brainy thinker' *teehee* Do you know Patty 'Rambling Rose' and her 'rolodex project'. http://ramblingrose.typepad.com/

It's fun to see art appear on such small size!

gypsy said...

Nathalie, This is totally cool - the bits peeking through the gesso add the coolest charm to this funky sketch! Glad you are playing this summer in the index card project!

i.ikeda said...

That looks awesome! I've been drawing on index cards forever now. They take off the pressure of the sketchbook for me. Easy to toss out if I hate the product, haha. This challenge sounds good..... Gyah! So many creative projects I want to join. *sigh*

I really love how it came out.

Amber L. said...

Your first card is awesome. Can't wait to see the rest of yours :)