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Friday, April 22, 2011

liste du vendredi : list of tabs

This is how I feel today :
like an angry owl.
I am sick of studying.
After 7 years of medical school, you are officially an MD. You start to work. You hope you're done with finals. But heck no.
I've choosen to become a gastroenterologist. It is 6 more years.
After the first 3, you must pass that internal medicine board exam.
It'll be next monday, may the 2nd.
So, for this week's list, I made a list of tags :
And Margot is going to stay at her grandmother's for the entire weekend.
It'll be bright and sunny the whole time.
And i'll have to wait a whole 50 hours to see her again.
And she'll be ten months old on sunday.


patsdesigns said...

Sorry you feel like this. Your sketches are excellent, so expressive. I hope your weekend improves. Margot is very cute - she'll be so proud of you when she's older.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize. As a teacher, I'm expected to take classes for the rest of my life and I'm sure you will too. I was required to get a masters. As soon as I did, I was told I was too expensive. Now i'm unemployed and the field has closed down due to the poor economy here. Not even hiring substitute teachers and i'm close to retirement. But luckily, the world always needs people in the medical field. Educating children is a low priority in the US.

Good luck with your studies and keep plugging away at it. You have a good future in your chosen field. You can make a nice life for yourself and your child.

Ann's Art said...

It's the 23rd now...hope you feel better than you did on the 22nd!!
May I wish you all the very best with your studies, I'm sure you will succeed.

Marit said...

Hooray for Margot - and good luck to you with all the studying!!!

goudenregen said...

I am full of admiration for all you do. Your daughter is adorable by the way. Good luck with your exams.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy 10th month to Margot. :)
I could see the emotion in that look immediately. Great work.

i.ikeda said...

Happy 10th month, Margot! Bonne chance pour les examens. C'est trop de sacrifice tout ca. Moi aussi, je suis en train d'etudier, mais... c'est pas la medecine! Quand meme, allons. :)

La Belle said...

J'suis certaine que tout va bien aller :-) ! Bonne étude!