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Friday, March 4, 2011

liste du vendredi : list of numbers

Right now, I am in Mauritius Island. It is not far away from the Comoros Island where I've lived until I was 8 years old.
I promise to post plenty of pictures and some pages of my travel journal when I'll be back in Belgium.
For now, you'll just have to do with a list :
13 are the mosquito bites I have on my legs
39 rupees is what an euro is worth
10,5 hours is the flight time between France and Mauritius Island
150 is the number of times I've picked up Margot's bottle after she dropped it this week
4 are the different Punjabis clothes I bought to myself
11 are the times my mother had to go to the bathroom today
25 is the sun protection factor of my sun cream
4 are the sea urchins I ate today
5 are the blisters on my feet
15 are the meters between my hotel room and the indian ocean

1 comment:

La Belle said...

J'ai été voir les photos de l'ile où tu te trouves et... WOW !

Profite bien de ce magnifique voyage :-)