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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NYC evidence

This month's challenge at GPP is "to chronicle where you've been and what you've done".
Well, I've been to NYC for my honey moon four years ago. No you didn't! Yes I did!
We spent 3 nights at the Hudson. No you didn't! Yes we did!
We went to the MET and the Guggenheim. No you didn't! We did!
Here is a peek inside my travel journal :
After New York, we went to Quebec... but that's another journal.
P.S : Wish we had a Starbuck in Charleroi... Oh, You don't? No we don't :(


michelle ward said...

Nathalie - what a fun journal chronicling your trip to NY! Love seeing all the collected evidence - receipts, maps, photos, and your own notes. This is a very fine example of Been There, Done That. I bet you love looking back through the pages, recalling every special detail from that event. Thanks for sharing with the team!!

i.ikeda said...

Awwww, how cool. Next time you should go to Toronto then I'll meet you there. :)

ps.: I hope you post your Quebec journal sometime!

quinncreative said...

I loved taking a peek at your trip--the maps! (I love maps, so I see them first in any work), but I love the complexity of your trip expressed in a journal. It makes me hope you'll post that other trip journal, too! (Sorry about the lack of Starbucks in Charleroi--just wait, it may yet happen!)

Susan King said...

This is just great! One of the cool things about the GPP challenges is discovering new blogs. And I've discovered yours!

jgr said...

What a great journal - and a beautiful keepsake!

goudenregen said...

Wonderful travel journal, love to look at it.

Ingrid Dijkers said...

What a wonderful journal! I really enjoyed looking at the maps, photos and other details from your trip. Must have been a great time!
All my best-

Melanie said...

What a great journal! I really want to eat that yummy chocolate pudding!!

gypsy said...

Thank you for letting us peek into your travel journal, I like that it captures the essence of your trip and the little details that help you remember the adventure. I like the white ink and grids and maps!!!

Jackie Wood said...

What a wonderful journal. Loved seeing all of the different elements come together on your pages. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sarah said...

what a great record of your honeymoon in New York - it will definitely bring back lots of lovely memories for you in the future

Parabolic Muse said...

This is funny.

Congrats on your honeymoon!

I've never been to New York. Yes you have! No, I haven't!

Thanks for sharing this fun journal!