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Friday, February 11, 2011

liste du vendredi : list of numbers

79 is the mean age on my ward this week.
534 are the digits at the end of my license plate.
30 are the minutes it took me to make my meat loaf yesterday.
2,50 euros is the price for a bowl at the salad bar.
14 are the days remaining before I'm on holidays!
15 is the number of blogs I am following with google reader.
11.572 are the kilometers separating me from my best friend who lives in Chile.
2000 are the liters of fuel we ordered this week.
21 is the fraction of oxygen we are breathing.
19 are the rentals remaining on my video store's subscription.
40 grams is the amount of fish Margot will eat today.

1 comment:

i.ikeda said...

I love your list today. But that's a long way from your best friend.... :( Do you happen to be going to visit her/him on holiday? I hope so. Only 14 more days. :)