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Monday, January 24, 2011

Repeat Pattern Monday

I woke up so tired this morning. I suffered from a blocked duct around 3 am. I didn't know why I felt like having the flu... Well, apparently, the flu-like feeling is a sign that traces of milk entered your bloodstream and your body is treating the milk as a foreign protein (your immune system is fighting it).
Ahhhhh... breastfeeding is amazing.... but it can also be painfull!

P.S : C'est le 7° moisiversaire de Margot aujourd'hui! (Margot is seven months old today!)

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i.ikeda said...

Happy 7 months Margot! (I LOVE the face she's making on the right. How adorable can you get?)

I hope you get over the milk-flu quickly. Breastfeeding definitely has its "huh, is this really happening?!?" moments. Hey, one more notch on your super-mama belt. :)