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Sunday, December 19, 2010

baby talk

I fell in love with belle’s short post the other day. She made a list (I know I’ve said it many many times but boy, I do loooooooove lists) of strange things she does since she became a mother. She has noticed that her voice becomes higher-pitched when she talks to her children. Well, it is not strange at all… It seems that our brain is programmed for that !

There is a great article about baby talk here.
Baby talk is also known as infant-directed speech (IDS). It’s all about using the same words we use in regular speech but with distinctive modifications that make the message clearer.
Moms do it. Dads do it. Kids do it. And people lacking experience with babies do it too !

It seems that babies are born with an unlearned preference for IDS. Many studies have showed that they pay more attention when adults speak to them that way.
IDS makes emotions and intentions more obvious.
It even seems that the quality of IDS can have an impact on the way babies learn !

So, we have lots of reasons to forget any inhibitions and let loose with the baby talk !

In that same post, Belle also said that when she feeds her children, she cannot help but open widely her mouth !
That maid me smile and I am sure that you do exactely the same when you put a coat of mascara on your eyelashes ! Try to do that with your mouth closed…
Magali Membré


La Belle said...

Coucou ;-) Merci pour le petit clin d'oeil! C'était très intéressant l'article sur le Baby talk. Je comprends mieux pourquoi nous sommes ainsi!

Et oui, j'ouvre ma bouche lorsque je me met du mascara, même si j'en met rarement!

i.ikeda said...

Hahaha on the mascara. It's so true! I never paid it any attention, but yes, yes, I do it all the time!

And yes on the baby talk as well. As N. grows older I do it less, but oh boy was it ever natural. You don't even have to try, it just comes out that way.