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Friday, November 26, 2010

liste du vendredi : I am neurotic because...

For this week's list, I chose ten funny compulsions I read here.

1. When I ride in a car and there are lots of consecutive trees or perhaps a forest, I can’t look at the trees for too long for fear that my eyes are going to get poked out.
2. I hate going into toilet cubicles where the toilet lid is closed. I live in terror of one day lifting the lid of a toilet and finding a severed head inside.
3. When I was younger, I was really neurotic about time. I would stand in front of a digital clock and make an equation out of the time. For example 11:34 could be 1 x 1 + 3 = 4. If I couldn’t make an equation, I would wait for the numbers to change to a time that would work out in an equation. I spent a lot of time standing in front of the clock on our oven at home…
4. When I peel a banana, I have to make sure the peel separates into four strips. If it starts to peel into just three, I’ll rip one in half to make it four.
5. I always try to land on my right foot when walking down stairs. To this end, for every set of stairs I regularly use, I memorize whether I need to start out on my left foot or right.
6. I must put my right sock on before my left, but my left shoe on before my right. If I ever catch myself doing the opposite, I wait 5 minutes before going through with the procedure again.
7. I had numbers that I “liked” and “disliked”. When I woke up in the mornings, the first thing I’d do would be to add up all the numbers in the time, and I wouldn’t get out of bed until they added up to a number that I “liked.”
8. When I eat Starburst, I can only eat them in the following order: yellow, orange, pink and red. I stop eating once I’ve run out of enough candies to complete the pattern.
9. When I’m listening to a radio with a digital volume display, I can’t listen with the volume at an odd number.  I don’t know why, exactly— it’s as though the volume is uneven.  A volume of 15, clearly, means the volume will be 8 on the left speaker and 7 on the right.  And the right speaker will make up for the lack of volume with a shrill whydon’tyoulikemeasmuchastheleftspeaker? sound. I assume. I’ve never actually left the volume uneven long enough to find out.
10. When I eat salads, I must eat the lettuce first. Then I separate all the toppings into piles and eat them one at a time in order from least liked to most.

Did you enjoy? If you did, go get the book! I bought two! One for my mother and one for me.

And, since I made fun of those people, I ought to share my own strangest compulsions...
Sit tight... here are three off them :
1. I cannot read a magazine in a random order. It has to be from cover to cover. That's why I never buy the NEJM or the Annals of Internal Medicine because the article that interests me is never the first one. It is pathetic. I know.
2. When I walk up (or down) stairs, I count them. And when there is more than one flight, it bothers me if each flight doesn't have the same number of stairs. I then wonder why the architect did that.
3. Every year, when I go to my gynecologist for my routine screening, I faint during the pap smear. And I have to make huge efforts not to faint when I think about it.

What about you? I dare you to reveal one of your strangets compulsions!

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